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Matig intense robijnkleur met stevige tranen. Opvallend kruidige neus met zwarte pruimen en vlezig gerookte ondertoon. Sappige smaakaanzet met zoet rijp fruit voorop en een karaktervolle textuur met harmonieuze tannine, lange kruidige afdronk. Past uitstekend bij oosterse recepturen met pikante kruiding, gelakt rood vlees, tamme eend en haarwild met champignons en truffel.

Wine Story

It all started with a failed potato crop in the 1960s.

Our grandfather, Warren V. Bogle, grew a variety of row crops including corn, wheat and safflower, but in 1968 he sought a crop he didn’t have to replant every year.

He figured potatoes would be a perfect fit on our Home Ranch which is located in the heart of California’s Delta.

The potatoes almost immediately died, and our grandfather sought an explanation. The farmer he brought in to take a look told him, “I’m not quite sure why your potatoes died , but I can tell you one thing, this is perfect soil for wine grapes.”

The rest was history as they say, and we are grateful for it.

Our grandfather planted ten acres of Petite Sirah and ten acres of Chenin Blanc. More than 50 years later we still grow the two varietals here on our Home Ranch in Clarksburg. Our grandfather was a pioneer, taking a real chance with those 20 acres. At the time no other farm had planted wine grapes in Clarksburg. Today, there are more than 7000 hectares of wine grapes and more than 20 wineries that call the Clarksburg AVA home.

Our family grew wine grapes for 10 years for other wineries until 1978 when we made our first bottle of wine under the Bogle name. After Warren passed away, our parents, Chris and Patty, helped grow this once small family farm to become a wine brand found in households across the world. It is something our grandfather could never have imagined would come true.

Today, our wines are found in more than 40 countries and the company is led by myself, Jody Bogle, and my brothers Ryan Bogle and Warren Bogle. We are proud to carry on the tradition that was started by our parents and grandparents all those years ago, just because of a few potatoes.

Proost! And we hope you enjoy our wines.

Jody Bogle
Jody Bogle